AUTOMOTIVE CONSULTING Specialty Procurement, Value Assessment, Auction Assistance, Collection Management, Expert Testimony

 Owning a classic car means taking care of a piece of history, and helping you do that is our privilege. From ensuring the right oil is used to prevent catastrophic failure, to our industry-leading 200+ point safety inspection, our service department is focused on keeping you and your classic safe.

Basic service and maintenance needs are met, oil changes, chassis lubrication, carb rebuilding, tune-ups, brake jobs, suspension repair, performance upgrades, turbo, twin turbo and superchargers - you name it , we can do it.

Customers trust us with their prized possessions, some of which happen to be quite historically significant. For instance a 1947 Town & Country Woodie that is one of four known to exist, a 1915 Twin Six Buick Prototype Concept car that is the only one in the world and a 1970 Hemi Cuda survivor with only thirty thousand miles.

ENGINE (Rebuilds to stock specifications or ground pounding 1,000+ horse power - like the infamous Twin-Turbo Corvette Vendetta) Whether it's your straight six, slant six, inline 6/8, Twin Six, V8, V12 or V16 and even engine swaps like the LS, LSX, LQ9, Coyote and various import engines we've got you covered.

TRANSMISSION Service, Rebuilding and even 5/6 Speed Conversions

DIFFERNTIAL Rear Axle work, bearings, ring & pinions, setting backlash and doing it right with patterns to ensure proper pinion depth.

BRAKES Service , repair or upgrades. From converting old school mechanical brakes to juice brakes, front wheel disc brake conversions or four wheel disc brake conversions using Wildwood, Brembo and Baer brake components.

SUSPENSION Repair, rebuilding and retro fitting. Custom in-house suspension design, fabrication and installation  of four and five link systems.

ELECTRICAL Troubleshooting, repair, rewiring and complete electrical harness upgrades.


FUEL SYSTEM (Carb and Fuel Injection)



EXHAUST Full exhaust work from stock type systems using original bend cards to completely customized stainless steel TIG welded systems that are like artwork.

WHEELS AND TIRES Custom wheel and tire center assisting you select the perfect size, type and combo to meet your specific needs.

ALIGNMENT Computerized two and four wheel alignments.



N.O.S. (new, old, stock) both used and reproduction parts also available