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Valenti Classics
Posted Nov 11 2001

Hagerty Announces Contest Winner

Hagerty Classic Insurance, one of the nation’s leading insurers of collectible automobiles, is pleased to announce that Don Valenti of Valenti Classics, an auto dealership in Caledonia, Wisconsin, is the winner of the company’s “It’s a Jungle Out There” Sweepstakes.

Valenti’s grand prize, benefiting the sweepstakes’ jungle theme, is a one-of-a-kind zebra golf cart featuring custom zebra print paint, luxurious zebra-patterned leather seats, a zebra-stripe print removable roof, a fully equipped audio system, custom cupholders, and even a custom hood ornament.

When notified he’d won this colorful, movable piece of automotive art, and the ultimate golfing accessory, Valenti was both thrilled and stunned, commenting he’d “never won anything in his life before.” Now he’ll be easy to spot on the links, at the clubhouse, or zealously checking the classics in front of his dealership showroom in distinctive, zany style in a classic of a different stripe.

The exclusive golf car was awarded to Valenti at the AACA Eastern Division Fall National Meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Oct. 15, 2001. Robert Pass, President of Passport Transport, a leading vehicle transport company, was on hand to make arrangements to ship the flamboyant zebra golf cart to Valenti’s home in Wisconsin. Also, in hand was Hagerty’s Advertising Director Joanna Forbush.

Hagerty Classic Insurance has been in the insurance business for five decades and in the specialty insurance field for more than 17 years. As one of the leading insurers of classic and collectible automobiles in the United States, Hagerty provides superior service and products to its customers. For more information in Hagerty Classic Insurance, call 800-922-4050 or visit

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