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Valenti Classics
Posted Apr 15 2007 Article

Repost of article from 2007

What it does: Classic and collector car dealership offering sales, service, and restoration.

Why it’s growing: Classic cars will always be cool, but with baby boomers gaining disposable income and feeling the need to relive their youth, and with younger crowds being enthralled by collector cars in movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, people want to own a classic car that is ready to drive. To capitalize, Valenti shifted its focus toward high-quality collector cars that people can just jump in and drive rather than project-type, remodeled cars.

What’s noteworthy: The car that started Valenti Classic was a ’61 Corvette that CEO Steve Valenti and his father Don restored in their garage as a hobby. When they took it to shows and events, so many people wanted to purchase the car they decided to turn their hobby into a business. Today, in addition to U.S. sales, the company has sold 34 cars to 19 different countries.

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