Valenti Classics regularly conducts independent vehicle appraisals for a variety of purposes including tax matters, estate administrations, court proceedings, insurance, financing, purchasing, diminished value, and donation. We also advises numerous car collectors throughout the United States on developing and maintaining their personal collections. The team at Valenti has provided expert witness testimony and has specific expertise in post-war classics and sport cars. Valenti Classics has performed literally thousands of appraisals.

Valenti Classics offers a complete line of appraisal services. A VCI appraisal can be used for:



Estate Planning

Court Cases


Diminished Value

Tax Purposes


Valenti has done literally thousands of appraisals and has appeared in court to act as an expert witness.


$150 per appraisal.

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

We will also appraise your car or entire collection at your home. There is a minimum $250 travel fee + $150 per appraisal.

Contact us to set up an appointment or for an estimate.